“Indrasani was indispensible. He turned our wedding into the most amazing and memorable occasion we could have ever hoped for. He is an exquisite guitar player and his music will last in everyone's minds for years to come. He kept the event moving with his excellent organization and timely speeches and his skills as a DJ kept the dance floor full and hopping the whole night through. Thank you Sani for everything. We could not have done it without you.” Andy R, the groom (Vancouver, October 2013).

“Hi Sani, thank you so very much for all you did to make the wedding such a success. You were a fantastic master of ceremonies - we had no idea you had such a great sense of humour! All our friends mentioned what fun you were - as well as being so talented. The music you played for the ceremony was lovely. The dance music later was great - all the dancers were obviously enjoying themselves. It was a very happy evening and the musical entertainment was really special.” Linda R, mother of the groom (Vancouver, October 2013). 

I am delighted to recommend Sani for his excellent work at our wedding. We could not ask for more than the great, creative, personable work Sani contributed to this highly personal event. He has the excellent ability to listen, understand and then deliver with complementary ideas respecting what we wanted at our wedding. He delivered pre-ceremony music and music for the ceremony as well. Sani sourced, arranged and delivered highly inventive music selections reflecting both the multi-cultural aspect of the wedding audience but also reflecting a contemporary popular music version instead of traditional music, as per our request. Perhaps creating new traditions for wedding music in the process. Sani you are brilliant, thank you! I highly recommend Sani's work, you will not be disappointed.” Derrin (Richmond, Virginia & Sydney, Australia, July 2013). 

I really appreciate Sani’s in-depth video lessons and top quality transcriptions. Most importantly, his friendly service makes doing business with him a pleasure. I look forward to learning more from him.” Greg Clark (San Diego)

I have just started taking lessons from Sani, and I could not be more pleased with the arrangement. Doing the lessons by Skype makes the process incredibly convenient. We are working on a song that I had tried to figure out on my own with no success, and Sani has tabbed it and taught it to me in 2 lessons! I highly recommend that you give him a try.” Steve (Pittsburgh)

At the age of 36, I decided to be a rock star - well, maybe I decided to become a campfire rock star... I came to Sani having never picked up a guitar, and with no musical inclination at all, and a commitment to give this 10 lessons to decide if I was the next Carlos Santana. Well, despite my impatience, we worked on some basics, and got me familiar and comfortable with the instrument. Ten lessons later, I was more motivated than I was previous, I was more confident (although, some question if I should have that level of confidence in my new endeavor!), and I left with a smile on my face, feeling great. 

It was a very difficult instrument made to look easy by people like Sani. He worked with me to get some basics down, then tailored the lessons to reflect my wants and interest. He was encouraging, patient and detailed. I can tell Sani lives music, and loves it to his core; he seems happy just teaching it, regardless of the level you’re at. There was always detailed follow up from lessons, including work sheets and even videos to practise at home. 

I feel great with my decision to get lessons with Sani, and look forward to continuing with them - watch out campfire!” Shawn (Vancouver)

I have known Indrasani Mursalim for about 23 years, since we were both music students at the University of British Columbia. I find him to be conscientious and hardworking. He has great attention to details and is always well-prepared for his projects and performances. Indrasani’s talent has taken him all over the world as a musician and as teacher. He is friendly and approachable and enjoys teaching students of all ages.” 

Derek Sterling, Classical Guitar / RCM Theory Teacher at Arbutus Music Academy (Vancouver) - http://www.youtube.com/sonatarondo

It is with great pleasure that we write to recommend the services of Mr Sani who has made an impression on our children [12 and 9 years old], with his guitar knowledge and lessons. His approach is very smooth and effective. He takes great care with his instructions. We are fully satisfied with his ability and effort. Mr Sani is highly recommended respectfully.” Marty (Vancouver)

I decided to buy the lesson about 10 days ago and I have to say that I am very satisfied. I started playing guitar when I was 9 and took lessons till I was 15 but now, after I started practising “Mas Que Nada” I found the passion to play guitar again. I have never practised this much before. So thank you very much for it!! :)” L.K. (Finland)

“As an adult learner with a complicated work schedule, Sani has been so flexible with working with me on the type of guitar pieces I was most interested in learning and his availability to take classes with him. His lessons are really well thought out and it has been easy to make fast progress on my skills. He has made learning the guitar even more fun for me!” R.K. - age 52 (USA)

“A meticulous teacher who pays great attention to the details in my playing, Sani has been playing an inspiringly crucial role in guiding me through my repertoire. He never fails to be supportive and encouraging throughout my learning process. At times I will be astonished by his beautiful tone, and at other times his alluring expressions. You learn more than just guitar, you learn music.” Simin - guitar graduate, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore

“I definitely recommend Sani and his videos as a guitar teacher to those who want to improve their playing skills. I am 48 and have been playing on and off (self-taught). I like his style of not just teaching a few superficial tricks to placate those who have no real desire to learn to play guitar. 

His video lessons are very structured and organized, and the video quality is excellent. Just as important, he has been available for me whenever I had follow up questions even way after I had already made my purchase.My only regret, is not being fortunate enough to live near Sani for face to face lessons, but his videos are the next best thing. I am glad I found him.” Al Bedoya (USA)

“Indrasani is without doubt one of the best guitar instructors in Singapore. His understanding and mastery of the guitar is unparalleled. His teaching concepts and methods are progressive and crystal clear. If you want to take your guitar skills to the next level, you’ll need to learn from him!” James Wu

“I have been taking flamenco and classical guitar lessons with Sani. I am very grateful that I have learnt a lot of guitar technique and knowledge from him. Studying with Sani has been a wonderful experience. He is a very patient and experienced teacher. The whole learning process is very comfortable. It has been very inspiring and there is always more to learn from him. He is not only a teacher, but a professional guitarist with a lot of performing experience - a great teacher who has the passion in pursuing his life in guitar.” Steven Ling (Singapore)

“We have been fortunate to have Sani teach our two children the guitar during our three years in Singapore. The kids have enjoyed the lessons with Sani, and have come away with the necessary skills and knowledge to comfortably pass the relevant London of College of Music examinations for their levels. Both kids have relished in performing the new pieces they have been taught during their lessons in front of the family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sani as a music teacher. We wish him all the best.” Ana - mother of Seamus and Frances

“Sani is the best guitar teacher ever! He made learning the guitar way more fun than school! After starting to learn the guitar, I started to appreciate and listen to music more. I would definitely recommend Sani to anyone who wants to learn the guitar.” Frances - 9 years old

“Sani is an excellent guitar teacher and I would gladly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn guitar. His style of teaching is extremely good and it helped me successfully pass two guitar exams and really taught me a lot on how to play the guitar. Sani is also a fun teacher and he explains a lot of things in a short time and easy to understand. I miss him now I’ve moved to Hong Kong and I don’t think I’ll ever find another teacher like him.” Seamus - 11 years old

“Amarath had a pleasant experience learning from Sani, helping and encouraging him to learn how to read notes. Amarath has become a real star in both classical and elecrtric guitar and has played in several performances and can create his own music and often leads with solos. He’s also accomplished as a drummer and his latest interest - the saxophone. Thanks for being there in his early days.” Anu - Amarath’s mother (Singapore)

“I took flamenco guitar lessons from Mr. Sani. He was always extremely patient during lessons and I was particularly impressed by his resourcefulness when it came to teaching material. Flamenco guitar is a difficult art, traditionally taught by demonstration and imitation. However, that isn’t always the easiest process for a student to learn. Mr. Sani managed to ease things by using written music to help me understand the various flamenco styles better. In fact, a lot of these material were pieces he had painstakingly written himself! Together we went through some of the basic styles like Solea, Fandango, Rumba, Buleria, etc. It was definitely a good learning experience.” Victor - flamenco aficionado (Singapore)

“Sani has a very nice disposition - cheerful, caring, patient, non-judgemental and easy to talk to, which is what you really want in a mentor. He usually demonstrates the piece first, playing so beautifully and emotionally and this never fails to make me want to play it just as well. I always left class inspired and all excited - couldn’t wait to start practising. Sometimes he records the songs for me and sends the MP3 so I have a reference and constant motivation. Sani writes really nice song arrangements which are relatively easy to play, flows well and sounds good. There’s a variety in music exposure: blues, reggae, classical, popular. I could always bring a piece I want to play and he’ll teach me. The foundation and basics that he has showed, has led me to continue playing the guitar.” Emily - Dentist

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